• The CILS-NCEIS 5th Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Melbourne (Melbourne: November 2009)
  • The 27th Indonesia Update Annual Conference, Democracy in Practice: Campaigns, Parties, and Parliaments – ANU (Canberra: October 2009)
  • PhD Retreat Conference, Division of History CAP-ANU (Canberra: September 2009)
  • Research Communication Workshop, AIGRP-AusAID (Jakarta: April 2008)
  • Policy Research Forum International Conference, AIGRP-AusAID (Jakarta: December 2007)
  • The PPIA 2nd Indonesia Next International Conference, Building a Blueprint for Future Indonesia (Canberra: April 2005)
  • The 24th Indonesia Update Annual Conference, Democracy and the Promise of Good Governance – ANU (Canberra: September 2006)
  • The 22th Indonesia Update Annual Conference, Natural Resources in Indonesia: The Economic, Political and Environmental Challenges – ANU (Canberra: September 2004)